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Francophone Quebecers Anglophones ROC
Table 1: Consensus at all costs
What is more important for you?
Obtaining consensus at all costs 51% 37%
Choosing the best option 49% 63%
Table 2: Long live consensus
Do you think decisions should be made by consensus, or that it’s more effective if leaders decide?
Consensus 73% 68%
Leaders decide 18% 19%
I don’t know 9% 13%
Table 3: Making others happy
I place a lot o importance on the opinions of others
Yes 63% 52%
No 37% 48%
Table 4: A simple, quiet life
I would like to return to a simpler life
Yes 82% 70%
No 18% 30%
Table 5: A more tolerant people
French Quebecers are 16 percent more tolerant of homosexuality than English Canadians, 13 percent less supportive of capital punishment and 10 percent more permissive of abortion.
Homosexuality +16%
Against capital punishment +13%
Support abortion +10%
Open sexual relationships +8%
Sexual relations before the age of 18 +6%