Francophone Quebecers Anglophones from the ROC
Table 1: Quebecers are happy
Are you happy?
Happy 90% 77%
Not happy 10% 23%
Table 2: Happiness is found in the present moment
What is more important for you?
Living in the present moment 74% 46%
Preparing for the future 26% 54%
Table 3: Pleasure comes first
What is more important for you?
Having pleasure 76% 53%
Being responsible 24% 47%
Table 4: Making more money
What is more important for you?
Making more money 38% 47%
Having more time 62% 53%
Table 5: Money can’t buy happiness
Does money lead to happiness
Yes 33% 45%
No 67% 55%
Table 6: Laugh the most often
I laugh frequently
Yes 78% 70%
No 22% 30%
Table 7: Happiness in pill form
What is more important for you?
Happiness through medication 72% 52%
Being unhappy but avoiding medication 28% 48%
Table 8: Statistical differences
Quebecers are less bored, laugh more frequently, are more open sexually and are more optimistic than their English Canadian neighbors.  They experience less stress, have fewer friends and enjoy their jobs less.
I am never bored +15%
I laugh often +10%
I am happy +8%
I have free and open sexual relationships +8%
I enjoy shopping +8%
I am optimistic +4%
I am in a happy relationship 0%
I have a fear of failure -4%
I enjoy my job -5%
I have many friends -6%
My job gives me stress -9%
Table 9: Dietary differences
Watch television during meals +14%
Involve their children in preparing meals +10%
Plan more meals ahead of time +10%
Eat more dessert +9%
Eat breakfast more often +8%
Take more time to get through a meal +8%
Prepare meals in larger quantities +7%
Makes preserves at home +7%
Have more herb and spices gardens +4%
Follow their food budget -10%
Eat healthily -12%

*Large survey for RICARDO Media with 1,503 respondents, from October 21 to November 2, 2015