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Cracking the Quebec Code website is the key to understanding Quebecers.

Canadian and foreign companies often have difficulty understanding and adapting their products and services to the reality of Quebec. To accompany you, Quebec advertising, public relations, design and research agencies, under the leadership of Leger and the A2C association, have come together to offer you relevant, scientific and unpublished information. In addition, you will find on this site the secrets of the best creative minds of Quebec and their best advertising campaigns.
Based on the book Cracking the Quebec Code, which has become a bestseller in Quebec with more than 60,000 copies sold, this site will allow you to go beyond rumors, anecdotes or urban legends and really have access to knowing the Quebec of today. 
More than 5,000 questions were asked about the attitudes, perceptions and behaviors of Quebecers allowed us to discover that 71% were identical, while 29% were significantly different. It is this 29% that makes the entire difference between success and failure in Quebec.

Understanding the differences is understanding the multiple paradoxes of the Quebec society : 

Why are we so happy, yet so self-critical?
Why are Quebecers so fond of arguing, yet tend to avoid real debate?
Why are Quebecers so concerned with the environment, yet are such major polluters?
Why are Quebecers more religious than English Canadians, but less observant?
Why do Quebecers volunteer less and give less to charitable organizations, yet see themselves in terms of solidarity and leftism?
Why are Quebecers so attached to the French language, yet tend to find it hard to master?
Why are Quebecers so ill at ease with immigrants, but so welcoming to tourists?
Why do Quebecers like spending so much, but are among Canadians with the least debt?
Why are Quebecers so creative, yet so closed in upon themselves?
Why do Quebecers have such a sugar-heavy diet, yet are more likely to have dietary restrictions?
Why do Quebecers have such a high dropout rate, when Montreal is the city with the greatest number of universities and university students in Canada?
Why are Quebecers so eager for major projects, but so quick to abandon and demolish them?

Understanding the difference means understanding why Quebecers are more optimistic, less bored, and like eating in good restaurants, drinking red wine, and dieting or cycling more often.  This difference also tends to explain why more Quebecers are believers, like to give their opinion, seek consensus and do not like to take risks.  Conversely, we have discovered that Anglo-Canadians are more involved in their community and are more likely to volunteer, talk with their neighbors, read, undertake renovations, use technologies and enjoy dressing comfortably.  Taken separately, this data does not mean much.  But 5,000 data sets put into perspective and analyzed with new complex data analysis techniques, have allowed us to finally establish the genetic map of Quebecers.

After years of study, we have discovered the 7 identity traits that explain this difference:

1. Joie de vivre:  Joie de vivre is their basic trait. But beyond their legendary joviality and emotionalism, Quebecers need to have fun, laugh and enjoy life. They are the people of “here and now”.

 2. Easygoing: Common sense. Their common sense helps to manage relationships and conflicts between people.

3. Non-Commital: Undecisive people who want to minimize the risk. They do not want to commit and want to keep all their options open. This is reflected in a certain detachment.

4. Victim: It is always the fault of others, especially Anglophones, the clergy, the government and the capitalist system.

5. Villagers: Quebec is not homogeneous and is divided into seven distinct regions with very village-like attitudes and behaviors.

6. Creative: Quebecers are full of ideas and are very strong at turning their brilliant ideas into commercial success.

7. Proud: Quebecers are happy with themselves and proud of their differences.

While Cracking the Quebec Code book contains astonishing discoveries, the site will allow you to understand the most concrete applications of these discoveries.
Have a good visit and do not hesitate to suggest ideas, statistics and blogs to keep this knowledge on Quebec reality up to date.
This site is intended as a forum for mutual understanding.